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Meet Our Teachers

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Sylvia N.

What I have come to discover for myself through Hot Yoga is that there are many layers to this practice - mental, physical & emotional. Hot Yoga provides me not only with a challenging workout, but also improved focus outside the hot room, positive thinking, help dealing with stresses and emotions, and physical healing. I find that Hot Yoga provides both a safe place without judgment or worry, and uninterrupted time to reflect, meditate, and grow. I see every class as unique with different challenges and points of struggle, with new accomplishments and discoveries.


Bikram says: “Never too late, never too old, never too sick to start from scratch once again.” 


My suggestion for 1st timers is to be patient and practice regularly, 3x per week to start seeing the profound results for your life. Some days you will have more flexibility than others, some days you will not feel as strong as others. Whatever you bring into the room each day, just be okay with it. Let go of expectations. Just observe, practice and breathe. Your potential is limitless.


See you in the hot room!!!


Arturo R.

Hi, I started practicing Bikram yoga for more than a decade now due to health problems. The first thing that caught my attention was the health benefits. Now, it has become a lifestyle. I was fortunate to be able to practice and teach after The Teacher Training in The Fall LAX 2012 of Bikram Yoga. I taught at quite a good number of studios and had the support of many great mentors. I have grown in the knowledge that if you are not a handstand lover then this yoga is for you. I am happy and grateful to be part of this great yoga studio, Hot Yoga Bensonhurst where I have been given the opportunity to share my passion. I am looking forward to seeing you in the hot room and to guide you on your journey. All you have to do is “to trust the processes“ and do your very best even if your very best is to sit down. You will still learn something about yourself ... You will still gain many benefits ...

Lidiia O.

Bikram yoga had changed my life and kept changing it since the first class I had taken. Becoming a teacher was very natural or me, because deep inside all I wanted was to spread the magic that I had gained throughout this practice. This yoga path is never easy but it is so rewarding for your mind, body and soul. Just show up on your mat in a hot room and never give up! 


Neil F.

Hot Yoga increases my discipline, focus, concentration, flexibility, and strength. Simply put, it makes me feel good. It's an honor to teach this practice to other Yogis in our community.


Michela E.

My yoga journey began in 2009, and I immediately knew that someday I would become a teacher and share my passion for the yoga with as many people as I could. In 2011, I became certified and I truly feel blessed to teach this yoga which has had such a profound impact on my life. Yoga is both physically challenging and a mental discipline. Through teaching and taking I am no longer afraid of what I am not capable of doing but rather amazed at what I can! Come to class, sweat with us and see that with your breath all things are possible. So very excited to be part of this yoga community!


Lissette S.

Since I can remember I was always an athletic person I enjoyed a good sweat and a good challenge. My problem was that I would get bored easily with activities. I will start something, be into it for a few months then I would be ready for the next thing. I had tried many different types of yoga and Bikram Yoga had been the only yoga that kept me wanting to go back over and over again to the point that I knew that teaching it was something that I must do. You see, when you practice Bikram yoga you are not only taking care of yourself physically but also, mentally and yes spiritually. You are healing your body from the inside out. There is something very powerful and humbling about going into a hot room and staring at your sweaty self for 60 or 90 minutes. I learned to let go on judgements and insecurities I had with myself. This practice is powerful. If you are ready to change your life forever give it a try. Just be open minded. I promise you that if you practice Bikram Yoga regularly you will be amazed at how it will change your life. With the regular practice of this yoga you will see yourself and the world differently. This is not another workout out class this is therapy for your body, and therapy for your soul.

Jared F.

I find Hot Yoga to be an extraordinary practice for both the body and the mind. After doing this yoga for a while, I knew it was something I'd continue to practice for the rest of my life. The increase in flexibility and strength hot yoga gave me just makes my body feel amazing. And this yoga has definitely proven to help my overall focus and concentration which leaves me in a state of serenity after every class. Teaching this yoga to anyone who is interested is a blessing and to help spread this practice brings me happiness.


Erin D.

On December 8, 2008, I reluctantly went to my first Bikram yoga class on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Despite my insistence that the gym and running outdoors were enough, and that I just wasn’t the “yoga type”, my sister bought me a 30-day intro and told me to hydrate, wear basically nothing, and prepare to die. This was on the heels of a very rough few months, not to mention years of body image issues and eating disorder struggles. To say I was deeply uncomfortable in front of a mirror, half naked, in 105-degree heat for 90 minutes would be a massive understatement. I hated it. I also couldn’t believe how bad I was at even picking up my foot...or breathing. So, I went back the next day and again almost every day for the next month. I chose class over happy hour, attended posture clinics, read Bikram’s books, and scoured the web for blogs about attending his 9-week teacher training. My friends and family thought for sure I was in a cult of some sort, but I had never felt better, physically, emotionally, and mentally. In 2011, I attended Teacher Training in L.A. and then taught exclusively for five years in Colorado before returning to an office job in NYC. I’m back on the podium teaching a few times a month these days and I’m so grateful. I pride myself on identifying the tiny details in this series, and in my student’s practice, that change their postures and experience. It is an honor to be able to give people the best 90, or 60, minutes of their day, which is always my goal. Thirteen years into my practice and ten years into my teaching career, I’m still inspired and challenged by this series and if I could do only one workout for the rest of my life, it would be the 90-minute, 26 and 2, hot yoga series.


Vincent N.

My passion for teaching this yoga has not diminished in the ten plus years I have worked as a certified instructor. Having seen first-hand the extraordinary benefits this hot yoga has provided students physically, mentally and emotionally, I feel myself truly blessed to be able to continue bringing this practice to anyone, regardless of age or various physical challenges. I know that with regular and consistent practice, students can dramatically improve all aspects of their health.


Sharleen R.

Sharleen started practicing the Bikram Yoga method in 2003.  No class has ever been the same and colossal transformations happen at a tortoise’s pace.  Balance between the body and mind through the practice of Hatha asanas (postures) is no easy feat.  Nonetheless, breathing and stretching asanas help to find incredible mental focus and the power to invite the calm we easily take for granted.  

As a seasoned practitioner, Sharleen further intensified her commitment to the practice and attended Bikram’s instructor training in 2013. Based in New York and as an extremely hardworking and self-motivated individual, Sharleen teaches in several studios in the metropolitan area, and remains deeply dedicated to the practice.

Sharleen is driven to help you. Being highly communicative and easy to talk to makes her a trusted ally with whatever yoga experience you may have. It is this comfort level and shared vision of an all-encompassing yoga experience that forges great relationships and opens the path for successful results. So, whether you have no experience, some experience, or want to intensify your yoga practice, Sharleen can help.

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